Have you ever wondered whether vegetables are washed before cooking in food courts and restaurants?

For those who have kids at home, on one hand, you would like your kids to consume more vegetables and fruits, but on the other, you would hesitate whether they should consume vegetables that you are unsure whether the greens are washed thoroughly. Moreover, thorough washing would also cause the vegetables to lose its nutrients. 

There is a lot of buzz about sustainable farming, and we couldn't be happier to get ourselves involve in it. We specialise in carrying out vegetable farming operations in an indoor environment in Singapore with a mission not only to provide the local population with pesticide- free leafy vegetables, but also maximising the freshness and nutrient values in healthy vegetable products.

To achieve this mission, Hydro Urban deploy the latest modern technologies in indoor agriculture to eliminate the influence of pests and diseases which plague most vegetable product grown under outdoor environment, forcing farmers to use pesticides.

Using energy and water efficient methods, not only can Hydro Urban produce fresh and clean vegetable products, but also in the price range affordable to the consumers.

Vegetables are perishable products which freshness and nutrients are rapidly vanishing from the time they are harvested. With Hydro Urban’s farm located in the vicinity of the population, it ensures the nutrient values are well preserved.

Hydro Urban ensures that you are able to enjoy healthy vegetables in an unprecedented freshness, nutrients, flavours and in varieties which are not possible before.